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Project Nepal

educating Nepal’s children since 1991


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UF Heal the World President Mero Geesey presents a $1500 check to Ed Kellerman.

The University of North Texas women’s tennis team showed up to help raise money for Project Nepal.

Sujay Lama was honored as college Coach of the Year by the Professional Tennis Registry of Hilton Head, South Carolina

from 2010 to 2012, UF’s Heal the World raised $6000 for us! Heal the World is one of UF’s most admired student groups and they donate their time and raise money for local non profits and international mission trips.  They present the checks to us at their annual banquets.

Sujay’s 2010 trip

In December 2010, I was able to return home and see the school.  It was cold and all the children were bundled up. 

The government and economy of Nepal has deteriorated but the school is still open.  We are down to 50 students from a high of 72 two years ago.

As always, your donations are well appreciated.  We always have tennis clinics coming up which we hope will raise a few hundred dollars.  Thanks for being a friend of Project Nepal.